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This recipe was one of my favorite summer breakfasts when I was a child. My mom always made this cream when we had lots of peaches at home. Now that I have a baby I remembered the things my mom gave to me while I was growing. This recipe brings me good memories, so I want my baby to have the same happiness as I had when I was eating this peach recipe. 

If you need inspiration, here’s another great idea of an old-time recipe my mother always made:

Fresh Apple Cream

Summer kids recipe with peaches and biscuits


3 medium-size peaches
100 g biscuits


  1. Cut the peaches, remove the pits, and put them in a food processor. If you want you can peel them also
  2. Add the biscuits in the food processor, along with the peaches, and mix until you get a homogenous mass. If the mixture is too watery, add more biscuits. If it’s dry, then add more peaches
  3. Serve the cream in bowls and enjoy.
Two Ingredients Summer Recipe Your Children Will Love

Bon Appétit

Summer Baby Food Ideas

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