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Do you want to be happy? Do you want to take control of your life? Start this September Challenge with me!

Hello September!

Today I am finally getting back into work so I wanted to post something different. Why? Because I really need the motivation to write and be consistent with work. My baby is now bigger and has a more consistent routine so I can post when he is asleep at night. Every month I plan to start a challenge for personal growth and happiness. If you want to change your life start from here.

how to live in the present moment


Yesterday I had a meeting with my old friend. I was so excited to see how she was doing and I am thankful for the meeting because it gave me the motivation to start a new chapter in my life and share it with you. I was surprised to see my friend so disappointed in life and angry. She was so negative and full of hate and envy. As she was speaking I realized she was destroying her life simply by not being present in the moment.
Do you sometimes feel nervous and disappointed by others? You know that feeling when you expect someone to help you but he isn’t very interested in what you are asking for? Or you hate that successful woman from work?

Do you really expect to sit home, lay down, go over and over how people are bad and everything is bad and expect your life to become better??? You expect your life to change without changing your mind and thoughts???

I am sorry to disappoint you. I will be the bad person for telling you that “No, your life won’t become better”. You will be angrier every day and even more disappointed.
No one is responsible for my life and my decisions but ME! Don’t expect positive things to come to you if your heart and mind are negative.

I truly believe that a positive mind and positive thoughts bring positive stuff and people in life and vice versa. No one wants to be around negative people, no one wants to work with negative people, no one wants a negative psychotherapist, doctor, professor, etc. You all know deep inside that negative thoughts are going to destroy your life.


Not only in Gestalt psychotherapy but in many other books and learnings you will find “HERE AND NOW”. Live here and now, feel here and now, think here and now, speak here and now, choose here and now.

Living in the “here and now” is not so easy as it seems. We were raised with so many expectations and pressure so somewhere on the road of growing up, we forgot how to live in the moment and start living in our past or future.

So why this post? As I mentioned in the begging if you are expecting from others to help you, if you are expecting from others to fulfill your needs and desires, if you hate others for being selfish then you must open your eyes and “see”. See that your life is yours to live. No one is going to make your life easier than you. Be positive and attract positive people in your life to “teach” you how to live “selfish” in the “here and now”. Be positive and forget about the past, stop talking about your problems and smile. Start to act not to expect!

Action brings things to you – expecting brings you more expectations!

selftherapy. How to live in the here and now


First, you must choose to live in the here and now. Choosing to live in the past or the future robs you of living. There is no past and there is no future. There is only this moment. If you want to heal your life start right away – at this moment. For this challenge, you will need only one thing – the motivation to live happily and get better. I know that almost every person in this world wants to live a happy and fulfilled life.


Breathe! Every day when you wake up exercise breathing. Take a deep breath and just lay down.
Focus on the environment! What do you see? What color are your mattresses? How comfortable is your bed? Is it cold? What color are the walls? Is there anyone else besides you? Start doing this every day. Focus only on the outside for several minutes.
When I first made this exercise I realized there are so many things in my bedroom I had never noticed before. After a while, I started doing this everywhere.

Start doing this September challenge every day for at least 30 days and you will notice how your life is starting to change. You start living in the present moment. Do this every time you realize you don’t live in the moment. After 3 weeks this will become your habit and you will master this technique.

I will post weekly about living in the here and now. So if you are ready for a change – start right now. Take baby steps and become a master of living.

Stay Positive!

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  1. Hello mam, I have read some of your posts, and I am must say that it is very helpful for me. But the problem is I am not aware of my problems. My throat is pain whenever I think about these things. I don’t think so I have made mistakes. But I acted as a foolish In my past and now that I think about it, it makes me feel embarrassed. I feel like people used to make fun of me behind my back and now at present I feel like some People dislikes me and they are mocking me. I don’t want to hurt anyone and I am friendly with everyone, so it feels like being friendly hurts me as they even are taking advantage of that and are hurting me, though some do it unintentionally.But I really do want to change, can you please help me mam.

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