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How to work with Ruby Chocolate

The tempering of ruby chocolate is not much different than working with dark, milk, or white chocolate. 

You’re starting with heating the chocolate in Bain-Marie to 45°C. Then you’re lowering the temperature to 26°C by adding callets in the melted chocolate, and then you heat it to 29°C.

To be sure that the chocolate is well tempered you can dip the tip of a knife into the tempered chocolate and wait for 5 minutes. If the chocolate is hard and with satin gloss then the chocolate is perfectly tempered and you can continue with molding or making other creations out of it. 

When you’re molding, always be sure that the molds are well cleaned and are perfectly dry, otherwise, the chocolate will have stains. Polycarbonate molds are usually used for making all kinds of shapes of chocolate (bars, pralines, figures), but you can use silicon mold too.


  1. For chocolate tempering, you will need Bain Marie pot (or in my case I used a pan for heating the water and put a glass bowl over it)
  2. Thermometer to measure the temperature of melted chocolate
  3. Piping bags
  4. Spatula for scraping the chocolate out of the molds

In the following pictures there are some of my ruby chocolate creations I made this year. For other ideas check out my previous post:

Ruby Chocolate Creations Vol. 1

For more detailed videos on how to work with ruby chocolate you should check out these links:

How to work with ruby chocolate – Tempering and other essentials

Molding ruby chocolate

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Callebaut Ruby Chocolate
Ruby Chocolate RB1, Callebaut, tempering
RB1 calletes
Ruby Chocolate RB1 Easter Bunny, Callebaut, Moulding chocolate
Molding tempered ruby chocolate; Making Easter Bunnies and Easter Eggs
Ruby Chocolate Easter Eggs, RB1, Callebaut
Ruby Chocolate Easter Eggs, filled with chocolate candies; Easter Bunnies in the back
Ruby Chocolate, RB1, Callebaut
Ruby Chocolate bars, filled with coffee and honey ganache
Ruby Chocolate, RB1, Callebaut
Ruby Chocolate, RB1, Callebaut
Ruby Chocolate Cheesecake
Ruby Chocolate covered strawberries, RB1, Callebaut
Ruby Chocolate dipped strawberries
Ruby Chocolate cake pops, RB1, Callebaut
Cake Pops, decorated with tempered ruby chocolate and with ruby chocolate callets
Ruby Chocolate cake pops, RB1, Callebaut
Cake Pops

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