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Are you pregnant? Congratulations! I hope you are having a great time! Pregnancy is a roller-coaster. And the good news is that every pregnancy is different. It doesn’t matter if you are having a girl or a boy. If this is your second pregnancy then you may already have some of these pregnancy essentials. But if you are a first-time mom then you are in the right place.

Finding out you are pregnant can be very stressful. I don’t want to scare you but whole pregnancy will be so much stressful full of strange symptoms, pain, weight gain, emotions and waiting.

These are my pregnancy must-haves! I hope you will find this post useful.

 Pregnancy Essentials and Must Haves. What you need in pregnancy?

Prenatal Vitamins!

This is the first thing you will for sure need, especially folic acid in your first trimester. Your doctor will help you here because a lot of women suffer from morning sickness and can’t keep anything down. I often forgot to take them but I really tried to include more vitamins in my diet and I wasn’t suffering from morning sickness very often.

Pregnancy Essentials and Must Haves. What you need in pregnancy?


Pregnancy app!

This was my everything as a first time, mom! I found a free pregnancy app where I could also ask anything. There are so many great apps. Download one now! You will thank me later. It is so fun. You will know what is normal and common every week of your journey! Also, you can ask for advice or just express your feelings there. Believe me, you will need it!

Pregnancy Essentials and Must Haves. What you need in pregnancy?

Pregnancy Pillow!

This was a lifesaver for me! You can’t sleep on your belly and it is not recommended to sleep on your back especially in the third trimester. Pregnancy pillows will give you a support and comfort. I still sleep with my pregnancy pillow!

Maternity Clothes!

I had only maternity jeans and one T-shirt. I realized that I can wear shirts with stretch materials so I didn’t spend too much money on clothes. Well, you are pregnant only nine months. But I have to say that pants are a must. I was pregnant in the Fall and Winter so I couldn’t wear a dress or shorts so I had pair maternity jeans.

Pregnancy Essentials and Must Haves. What you need in pregnancy?

Comfortable Pajamas!

You will sleep more when pregnant and that is a good thing. Why? Well, you will definitely miss sleep most when your little baby is born. I definitely spent most of the day in my comfy Pajamas. So don’t forget about this one and invest in new pajamas. Just pick the bigger size and you will feel comfortable and relaxed.

Coconut oil!

I always use coconut oil on my body. I love the smell and it moisture my skin really well. There is nothing that can help with stretch marks honestly but your skin in pregnancy can become really dry so it is good to have a good moisturizer. Use it daily to prevent dry skin and cracking.

Belly moisturizer!

I definitely think that stretch marks are genetics so I didn’t use special stretch marks cream but I did use a nice body lotion aside from the coconut oil because the oil can leave marks on clothes. I had a body lotion with almond oil in it. Choose whatever you like just don’t forget to take care of yourself. Pregnancy is the time for you. Now I don’t have time to do this and I am happy if I have time to take a long bath.

Pregnancy Essentials and Must Haves. What you need in pregnancy?

Pregnancy Books!

OK, I have to admit I didn’t have any books. But I did read a lot online. Just find some popular sites where you can find good information. I enjoyed reading almost every single day.

Pregnancy Essentials and Must Haves. What you need in pregnancy?

Prepare your Baby’s room!

Yes! This is so fun! I did this in my third trimester but you can do it sooner if you want. There is a lot of work you need to do but you will enjoy every second. Take some newborn clohes, diapers, baby creams etc. You won’t have much time once the baby is here so be well prepared.

Pregnancy Essentials and Must Haves. What you need in pregnancy?


I was soooo hungry especially at night so I kept a snack on my nightstand and every time I woke up hungry I had a water bottle and a snack near me. Also,  I used to eat dates. They are sweet and healthy and rich in vitamins and minerals. Here you can read more about date benefits and also find some fast and easy recipes.

Well, ladies, these were my Top 10 Pregnancy Essentials! But I must add two more things:

  • The first one is to educate yourself about labor and delivery; early signs of labor, contractions etc.
  • The second one is to educate yourself about breastfeeding. If you are planning to breastfeed you will thank me for this one. One thing I most regret is not preparing for breastfeeding.

Stay Positive!

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