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How to overcome laziness?

So many years I was searching for the right equation for overcoming laziness. I was trying to find a way out of my lazy routine. Yes, I was a great student. Yes, I was a good child. But I never exercised too long to look and feel great. I couldn’t find a way to get up and just start doing things. Through the year I found myself in a lazy routine feeling down and unhappy.

We are all searching for a happy life. And one thing we must remember is that we are creating our lives! I chose to become a psychologist and get married. I chose to build a family and chose to eat for comfort. What else? I chose to drink coffee first thing in the morning, chose my friends and chose to stop smoking! I choose to live!

How To Overcome Laziness And Stop Procrastinating?

We are in charge of our lives!

So many years I was complaining about others. Yes, there is some situation in which we don’t control. We also chose to change our mind and let go of something. Or you can stay complaining about something you can’t change because it is not yours.

Growing up is hard. I wasn’t a great person as a child and I know no one is perfect. Mistakes brought me here now. Mistakes thought me that now, as a grown-up I can choose how to live. Do you really want to be that lazy person? I hope not.

So ok, let’s say we all chose to change our lives. What now? For a long time, I searched for the answer. Why don’t I stick to my choice? Is it easier to live in the future? Why my past is hunting me? Why?

I came up with two answers.

First, we don’t know how to live in the present moment.
Second, we don’t have motivation.

How to live in the present moment?

In my previous post, I gave you one exercise which helps me when trying to get back to here and now. Focusing on our environment.
I also wrote about focusing on our body, on our needs and wants while trying to lose weight.

There are many other ways to live in the moment.

To be mindful is to be happier, healthier, to have bigger self-esteem and to love your life and yourself with all your weaknesses.


Try not to rethink every step you make. You are perfect just the way you are. If you eat – enjoy your meal. If you are taking shower – act like it’s the last one. Enjoy every second of it. If you dance – feel the music. Go with the flow.


There is a reason why meditation and prayers are very important. Breathing will help you concentrate. Also, deep breathing makes your heart beats slower and your muscles relax. This way your blood pressure decrease and you will feel better. That is why you can find million breathing techniques for stress relief.

Feel your body

Where am I? How I support my body on the ground or in the chair? How are the legs? Arms? Knees, ankles, elbows, hips, stomach, chest, neck, head, eyes, nose, ears, mouth, teeth. Check everything. Feel your body. Check how fast/slow you are breathing. This is something you must practice. Do this 3 weeks every day in the evening before sleep and you will start to know your body more.

This and the other exercise I talk about in my previous blog are very important for awareness. You will feel more relaxed and more aware of yourself and your surroundings.

Do less

If you do less, you can do those things with concentration. You can’t do several things at the same time and be as effective as you should. Set several goals but don’t try to achieve them all at once. Figure out what is Important in your life with focusing on your body and mind and let go of what is not so important. This way you will enjoy it.


Yes, learn more. You must be aware of your body and mind, but also of others body and mind. And third, you must become aware of your surroundings. See how you participate in your surrounding and how do others. How do your words affect your partner and vice versa?

Learning to live in the present moment is a long process so don’t worry if you can’t succeed in the beginning. I know that sometimes is very hard to do it. And also I do it often when feeling really bad. But now, I am aware that I “escape” the here and now.

90% of your issues are solved with awareness. The other 10% are finding ways in which you can solve them.

OKAY! Now let’s get back to the main subject. How to overcome laziness? Why I don’t feel like writing a new article, filming a new video, making dinner, cleaning the dishes, going to the supermarket for groceries etc.

How To Overcome Laziness And Stop Procrastinating?



Everything you need is motivation! When you love yourself you will be motivated to be present at the moment, to enjoy every minute of your life. You will be motivated to study, to take care of your body and mind. You will be motivated to eat healthily, to have healthy surroundings, to exercise, to go to the hair salon and to clean. But what about the things I don’t want to do? Here are some motivational quotes you may find useful.


A good parent will teach a child that there are some things we must do. They are called responsibilities. We must go to school! We must eat and drink water. As a child, I always cleaned my room and made my own bed. Brushing my teeth and taking a bath were my responsibilities. Now I know why I had to do it. But as a child, those were must-do tasks. I am sorry, but you must find money to live and pay bills. How is your job? Your responsibility is to pay the bills.

Every time you feel lazy take a deep breath and focus on your body. Focus on your surroundings. Try to find a motivation for it. Ask yourself why you have to do it. Imagine yourself doing it. Who will you become after?
Be aware of your responsibilities. There are some things we must do in order to live a happy life.

How To Overcome Laziness And Stop Procrastinating?


Why living in the moment is so important to overcome laziness?

When you live in the moment you start to enjoy every task. You will enjoy cleaning your house, you will notice how the dust is disappearing and you will vacuum with concentration. There is nothing more satisfying than entering in a clean house. Your motivation would be that great feeling afterward. Or you can just enjoy every moment while cleaning.

How can you enjoy exercising? How can you enjoy anything if you don’t do it? Don’t think too much, don’t analyze how hard will be. Just do it! Be present and start right away. The key is to start right away. Stop spending time overthinking. It is 7 am and time for your day to start. Don’t press the snooze button.  Get up, get ready and start working. Make a daily routine and enjoy every moment of it. You only have this one life to live. So live the best life!

Be happy for this moment. This moment is your life. – Omar Khayyam


We are all searching for a happy life. And one thing we must remember is that we are creating our lives! How to overcome laziness living in the present moment?

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  1. I’ve learned to overcome laziness by holding myself accountable. Pretty much act like there’s an angel on my shoulder poking me with a stick saying “Hey. You know if you don’t do this now, You’ll regret it later and I don’t want to hear it from you.” That usually gets my butt in gear. Its also a way for me to realize that whatever I don’t do now will affect my future. So I need to take this opportunity right now to do right.

  2. That is so great Taylor. What you can do now, don’t leave it for later. It is something my mother always tells me, even now when I am married. I really love how motivated you are and I am so glad that you visited my blog! Stay Positive! xo <3

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