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In the morning we don’t have that much time or creativity to cook a nice meal, which is contradictory to the fact that breakfast is one of the most important meals of the day. That’s why it would be nice if you have all the ingredients prepared the night before, so when you get up in the morning, you will need no more than 10 minutes to prepare a healthy meal that will keep you full until lunch. Make a plan ahead: Make grocery shopping for the weekend; Prewash the green salads, so you will have enough for few days; Bake/boil the meat if you’re using some for preparing salads or some other dishes; Boil eggs and keep them in the fridge; Make homemade spreads that can sit in the fridge for longer time, so anytime you need a quick meal, you will have the preps.

Here are some ideas I recommend for making quick, easy and healthy breakfasts:

1. Egg recipes

Eggs are full of high-quality proteins (they contain all of the essential amino acids), and proteins give your stomach satiety for a longer time, rather than high carbohydrate meals. So if you want to feel full for a longer time, just add an egg in the recipe, and it will change the whole experience. You can check these egg recipes for more ideas:

2. Homemade Buckwheat Bread

Try making this healthy bread, full of protein, fiber, healthy fats, and minerals the night before, so when you get up in the morning you will have fresh bread, so you can combine it with whatever you want. You can make avocado toast with vegetables and/or eggs; You can put different spreads (like peanut butter, nut butter, hummus, olive paste, sour cream, cottage cheese spread), and combine it with vegetables, like tomatoes, cucumber, radish, peppers, etc. Also, you can make a sandwich and take it with you at work. It’s a time saver.

Check out my two recipes for hummus:

Fava Beans Hummus Recipe

Easy Hummus Recipe

3. Buckwheat with probiotic

This meal is magic if you want to lose weight fast. But why Buckwheat? Because it is an excellent source of vitamins and minerals, and also buckwheat helps you feel full longer, so that is one reason why it is great for losing weight. If you combine it with homemade kefir or yogurt, you get the perfect combination. Kefir is one of the most probiotic-rich foods that support the detoxification process, and also is rich in calcium, magnesium, biotin, vitamin B12, and many other nutrients. It is low in calories and rich in protein, so it will keep you full longer.

How to maintain weight after a weight loss diet

4. Rice cakes

Rice cakes are low calorie, gluten-free substitute for bread. Everything you combine with bread, you can make with rice cakes. You can make them savory or sweet. Use all the spreads I mentioned above (avocado, hummus, sour cream, peanut butter, nut butter, olive paste, etc.), and add protein (eggs, cheese, tofu, tuna, etc.), so you will feel full longer. For the sweet version, you can use mashed banana or avocado, tahini, peanut butter, nut butter, and add fresh fruits or fruit jams and preserves, dark chocolate chips, seeds, shredded coconut, etc. Combinations are endless.

Low-Calorie Breakfast, Rice Cake with eggs
Low-Calorie Breakfast, rice cake with avocado

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5. Smoothies

Depending on the ingredients that are used to make the smoothie, you can make this type of meal to be filling. If you add enough ingredients that are high in fiber, protein and fats, I believe that the smoothie will satisfy your satiety until lunch. The most common base for the smoothies I make is banana, oatmeal and milk/yogurt. After that, you can make any combination you like. Add fruits and/or vegetables, nuts, seeds, peanut butter, dried fruits, coconut, protein powder, etc. I don’t add additional sweeteners in my smoothies because the banana and the extra fruit I use, have enough sugars.

6. High protein salads

It’s best if you have your green leafy vegetables washed the day before, so in the morning you can just add the other ingredients and get a nice, nutrient-dense meal. You can combine lots of stuff with green leafy vegetables: Chicken (cooked the day before), fish (canned or cooked the day before), vegetables (frozen or canned for time-saving), nuts, seeds, fruit (fresh or dried), cheese, etc. I rarely follow recipes for making a salad; I usually use ingredients I have in my fridge and storage, so I always make up some new and interesting combinations.

Bon Appétit

Healthy Breakfast Ideas that Will Keep You Full Until Lunch
Low Calorie Breakfast Ideas that Will Keep You Full Until Lunch

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