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1 year of blogging. What I achieved

I still can’t believe that I am blogging for one year. Today I decided to make a post about my one year of blogging journey. How I started my blog and what I achieved. I am MS in Clinical and Counseling Psychology and psychotherapy student. Blogging wasn’t something I chose to be my career. But somehow blogging is a thing that really relaxes me and makes me feel good about myself. I love to help other people and to share tips and tricks for everyday life. I didn’t know how to fulfill “the hole” in my heart for my writing passion and also for my cooking passion. So one day I realized that starting a blog would be a great thing for me. That way I could share psychological topics with so many people worldwide, but I would also share my favorite recipes and life hacks. And the best of all I will write.

Today I am proud to say that I have been blogging for a year. I am proud that people noticed my blog and I really hope that I helped some of them with my psychological posts. I will share with you which posts get the most traffic.

10 Natural Depression Treatments is one of my most popular posts from the psychology board.

The Buckwheat Diet is the most popular post on my blog from Lifestyle board.

I was very surprised but my posts with quotes are very popular so that is why I decided to post more quotes every month. I also have a Quote of the Week on my blog. You all know how much I love quotes. I often chose one randomly and take it as a sign. Especially when I am lost in space don’t know what to do next.


I don’t make money from my blog. I have to admit that that would be my dream come true because these days I really want to work from home. But I really don’t know how to achieve that because when I started this blog I didn’t have any idea what to do and how to achieve that. I hope I will find a way to make some money from my blog this year.

I have an active Instagram profile which is my food diary. What I eat around and what I cook. My profile is doing great after 1 year I have a lot of followers and I made some new friends too. I don’t use other social media and this was my mistake. I started with Pinterest these last few months and I realized that Pinterest brought a lot of traffic on my blog.



After one year my main traffic source is Pinterest. I really hope I will be better with my profile. I can’t afford to pay for help at least not now. But Pinterest is great for new bloggers so if you plan to start a blog or you already have one, work on your Pinterest profile.

Facebook Groups are great to meet new bloggers and to promote your blog. This is something I didn’t even know existed. Now I am very happy because I made a fun page and also started to promote my posts in these groups. If you are interested I can share with you some of the groups in another post. Let me know in the comments.

WordPress is great. Find a theme you love and start blogging. WordPress is easy to learn. I didn’t start this blog all by myself. I work with Brsjak. He is managing my theme and everything connected with graphic, logos, pictures, design, etc. I am also very happy to work with him. I can’t do that all by myself. These last few months he wrote some posts about his Chrono Diet Journey and they are doing great.

I won 2 Blogger Recognition Awards this first year of blogging. This made me very happy. 2 awards in one year is a big success for me. I thank the bloggers which recognize my blog and I promise I won’t give up.

I started with Google AdSense not long ago. This is something new on my blog and I still struggle with it but I hope I will learn how to manage this after a while.

1 year of blogging. What I achieved

I laugh at some of my first posts and I plan to change them when I have more time. I love blogging and I must say that is not easy.

Blogging can be very hard especially if you don’t make any money off it. You need to write, to edit posts, to take pictures.

But most importantly you need to promote your posts and blog. No one will see your post if you don’t promote it and sometimes it is very hard to do this. My laptop was broken for 2 months and I made a big pause on my blog. I needed time to come back and to bring back some of my audience.


I have big dreams and I really hope this next year I will achieve more from my blog. I have a problem because I am not American but most of my audience is from the USA. English is not my native language so sometimes I struggle a lot when I write new posts. In my second year of blogging, I hope I will learn more about promoting my blog. I also would love to start earning money on my blog. That would be a long journey but it is my goal for the next year. I just made my newsletter so I hope I will have new followers.

This was a brief story about my one year of blogging.

Don’t forget to Stay Positive!

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  1. Congrats on making it though what sounds like a really awesome first year! You’re definitely a lot more educated about social media than I was my first year!

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