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Every year I make Gingerbread House, but I’ve always had problems in the process, like cracking, dough spreading while baking, etc. Also considering the price of the ingredients for gingerbread dough, I tried to find some cheaper and easier alternative for making Christmas House. Using wafers instead of gingerbread dough seemed pretty much like it would make all the process easier.

I have special molds for Gingerbread House, so I cut the wafers according to those dimensions. If you don’t have molds you can choose your dimensions depending on how big the house you would like to be, and cut the wafers with a sharp knife.

There are no rules on how you should decorate the house, it’s all up to you and your imagination. If you have kids this would be even more fun for them because they will have a chance to express their creativity.

I was making my Christmas House alone, so I didn’t pay so much attention for details, I just used what I already had at home.


3 wafer sheets
2 egg whites
350 – 450 g powdered sugar
Food colorings
Candies by your choice


Cut the wafers with sharp knife according to the dimensions you will set for the walls and the roof. Find solid cardboard where you can build the house. I covered my cardboard with aluminium foil.

You should decorate the walls and the roof at this stage so they will be dry when you build the house. You can use anything you want for decorating: royal icing, candies, pretzels, etc. Leave the wafers to dry.

Make the royal icing with the egg whites and powdered sugar until you get thicker consistency, not too thin, so the gluing of the walls will be faster. Start smearing the royal icing on the edges of the walls, positioning them on the cardboard. You should put something heavy to hold your walls on the sides, so you can leave the house drying for 1 hour, or until the walls are all set and they don’t fall.

When the house walls are firm you continue gluing the roof. You should hold the roof with your hands until you’re sure the royal icing is dry and the sides of the roof are not falling.

After the house is firm, correct the edges or the holes (if there are any) with royal icing. Smear the yard with royal icing and you can put fence if you like, gingerbread man, tree, etc.

Get creative!

Happy Holidays!

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