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Chrono Diet is very popular these days and I am very glad that this month I will share with you my friend’s story. This is a guest post from Brsjak who is also my “partner in crime” with this blog. He is managing my WordPress site and he is the designer of this site too.

Recently, he had a very big success with the Chrono Diet and I asked him to share his story with us.

Brsjak is also a great writer and he reminds me that I need to put a part from myself here on the blog. I feel like I am not sharing my personal experience so much. I also always tend to tell people to write about their lifestyle changes, feelings, and emotions. So this is a small part of Brsjak’s diary and his journey with the Chrono Diet. Enjoy and don’t forget to Stay Positive!

How I Lost Weight - My Jorney With Chrono Diet

How To Lose Weight With Mindfulness


We live in an era where things are going on way too fast to even realize that they are happening. Work, school, friends, everyday things are filling our lives with joy and commitment. But sometimes our commitment is so huge to a few things that we forget completely about the others.

This is my story how I’ve gained 250 pounds (115 kilos) and lost almost 30 pounds so far.

From a young age, I have been very active in my community by going out, games and chatting. As the years were passing by not aware of what’s happening out my “box” of activities I was gaining weight fast.

I have a weight problem all my life. I know how it is, try finding matching pants with a big belly and when you will find them they won’t be like the ones you like, but still, you are going to buy them anyway because they are the only one they fit.

Today I am 20 years old and I weigh around 220 pounds (100 kilos). A few months ago I had 250 pounds. In order to make “turn to a new page” in your life “the light in your head” has to lighten up. I had that moment a few months ago when I had enough of my weight problem. Then I decided to change my life and lose weight. Because I had a huge experience with fast diets I knew that they won’t work. Or if they worked that they will have the yo-yo effect, so I started looking a new “way of life”.

How I Lost Weight - My Jorney With Chrono Diet

Once I’ve heard about the Chrono Diet but from what I’ve found online I couldn’t make my own eating program. Then I’ve joined to a Facebook group where the admins guide the members through the Chrono Diet. After looking at all the people, their results and the whole description of the diet written by the admins I decided that this is what I need.


I was psychically preparing for a change. I was determined that I will lose weight. Believed in me and started implementing the Chrono Diet in my life. Also, I was not doing any sport in the past five years and wanted to change that. Back in the “old days”, I was riding my bicycle all day and I kind of missed that. So I went to the basement, found my bike, fixed up some minor problems and went for a ride. All memories came back the moment I sat on my bike and the best thing, it felt so good.

My first week with the Chrono Diet had some ups and downs. But I never looked for a solution in the food I wasn’t supposed to eat, instead of that I was riding my bike and drinking pure cold water.

After one week my body adapted to the “new life” and I started to feel more energized, powerful and most of all, happy because I started to work on myself, the most important thing that I’ve left on its own.


After one month in the “new life” and riding my bike 3-4 times in one week I felt incredible. My physical condition was awesome. Also, I was full of energy and most of all, I wasn’t depressed. I continued doing this until today and I must say I am pretty awesome, I’ve lost 30 pounds in almost three months!

I know Helen lost 20 pounds in two weeks, but this is a long-term way of eating, and I must say that I have one of those types of body that need adjustment for a month or two before dropping pounds. Besides the pounds, I lost a lot of inches in my waist and shoulders dropped one number in shirt and pants and I am pretty satisfied with myself.

How I Lost Weight - My Jorney With Chrono Diet


I strongly suggest consulting with your doctor before starting with the Chrono Diet or any other diet. Chrono is based on proteins and could lead to contra-effect to someone. Also, I do a blood test once in a month in case something goes up in the sky (Mr. Cholesterol). I was really surprised when I saw my first blood test. The cholesterol was under the lowest refer to value, also the triglycerides and the sugar.

To everyone that is feeling the same whether is female or male I strongly recommend you to start exploring the Chrono Diet.

Chrono Diet Starting Rules

Chrono Diet Starting Preparations 

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