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In this post, I share with you Brsjak’s weight loss journey. Here you can read more about his Chrono Diet Journey.

If you decided you want to lose weight and start this Chrono Diet here are the most important starting rules.

The Chrono Diet became very popular throughout the last few years but it was made from a French doctor named Alan Delabosa who started the program back in 1986. Trough the years the program was modified in order to become better.

Today we have several Chrono sub-programs: restriction, vegetarian and lasting program.

The Restriction program is the only program I have experience with till now so I will start with it and as I change my diet and programs I will update you with the other programs.

The restriction is based on lowering the carbs and sugars in your blood to the minimum level and bringing up the proteins. One restriction period has 28 days. For 28 days your body adapts to the new eating program and it is not rare your body to shake in the late hours. Drink lemonade to stop your body shaking. Chrono “doesn’t know” about quantity, it’s all about quality. What I mean by this is that your meals have to be in the proper order and time, you can eat till you are full (don’t take this for granted).

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Chrono Diet Starting Rules For Begginers | Weight Loss


Here are some Chrono Diet Rules!

There are three daily meals that are being spread all over the day and there must be 4-6 hours delay between them. Also consuming fluid 30 minutes before and after the meal is forbidden in order to not dilute the acid in your stomach and your food can be processed better. Snacking is an unknown subject in the Chrono diet, also sweet drinks, all kind of sweets, and even popcorn.

You can drink sparkling water up to 2 glasses per day.

Coffee is another subject.

I know we all have our own way of enjoying it. With Chrono, you can drink your coffee only with your homemade almond milk and you can sweeten it with Stevia, all kind of other sweeteners are not allowed in Chrono. Also, another interesting subject is fruit. Other than lemon and avocado, in the restriction program, there is no fruit. I know that it seems very hard to give up on fruit, but if you are persistent you can do it. I don’t know about you but I used to consume a lot of bread. In Chrono, the bread is replaced with Tonus.

Chrono Diet Starting Rules For Begginers | Weight Loss

I don’t know about you but I used to consume a lot of bread. In Chrono, the bread is replaced with Tonus.

Tonus is a bread that doesn’t contain any flour, it is made from whole sprinkled wheat grains with low or no yeast. You can make it in your own home, I will post a recipe soon about it. We all want to spice our salads with all kinds of spices and sometimes we use apple cider vinegar. In Chrono, this is replaced with lemon juice. Chrono doesn’t have beans, peas, corn, potatoes, rice, and soya. Another popular subject is alcohol in diets. With Chrono, you can consume up to 4 glasses per week dry red wine. All fruit teas are restricted.

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This is my favorite time of the day because I like to eat in the morning. I just enjoy my breakfast, I can’t wait to wake up just to have my breakfast.

The day starts with a glass of lemonade. The lemonade is great day starter because it’s “melting” the fat. After half an hour you can eat your breakfast. If you smoke, the first cigarette comes after you finish your breakfast. You can eat bread (Tonus) only for breakfast. If you make your own bread, it has to be made from: rye, buckwheat, barley, and oats. You can also make pancakes, waffles or whatever you love from the ingredients above. Mastering the technique for a nice bread is not easy, so don’t be disappointed if you don’t make a great bread or muffins the first time. After you decide whether you are going to eat bread or pancakes it’s time to add some ingredients in order to make a nice breakfast.

It is recommended to toast your bread in order to dehydrate it. You can add milk products like curd, mozzarella, and sour milk. Also, you can’t have 2 milk products at the same time, and you can eat the above milk products up to 4 times per week. Add eggs (boiled or fried) but then you can’t eat any milk product. Mixing two proteins together is allowed only for breakfast. Margarine is restricted, only butter and hummus. You can add dry meat, prosciutto or bacon. It is recommended to have some salad with your breakfast. I like tomatoes in the morning.

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My best breakfast contains 3 slices of Tonus. On the bread a layer of hummus that I buy in the local store, a layer of curd, and thin slices of dry meat and tomato.

Chrono Diet Starting Rules For Begginers | Weight Loss


The Chrono lunch includes meat and salad. You can eat some fatty meat or if you want some lighter option you can eat fish, chicken or egg whites. Personally, I like pork.

It is important that you don’t mix two different types of protein, you can eat only one type of protein per meal!

It is recommended the meat you eat to be fresh, you can eat pork, chicken, turkey, lamb or beef. You can eat all kinds of fish and seafood. You can eat egg whites with salad or mushrooms. I like to cook my mushrooms in the oven and eat them with a lot of salad, but I eat them for dinner often.

Also, the salad is an important part of the lunch so make sure you eat enough. You can eat all kinds of vegetables, just don’t mix them with other protein except your meal or milk products.

Chrono Diet Starting Rules For Begginers | Weight Loss


For me, dinner is the most difficult and boring meal because Chrono is very limited in consuming food during the evening hours. Your meal should contain light proteins like chicken, egg whites, turkey, white fish or mushrooms. Like the other two meals, your dinner should also contain salad. It is recommended to eat white or green vegetables, but personally, I didn’t follow this rule and still lost weight.

My favorite dinner is fish. I like to eat tuna from a can with a lot of sliced cabbage and mixed together.

I know that there are a lot of rules for the Chrono diet, especially in the restriction program. The first week it’s going to be full of minor mistakes.

There will be ups and downs but keep one thing in mind – “Never give up!”

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