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I love chocolate and homemade chocolate recipes. In this post, I will share with you this wonderful chocolate cream recipe which is my favorite. This is my mom’s old recipe and I just love it and make it at least several times a year. For me, this is the most delicious chocolate cream in the world.

I never experiment with this chocolate cream recipe and I always stick to the measurements because it’s simply perfect. But I experiment with how I serve it. I am not so much creative with food decorating but because this is my special chocolate cream I always serve it with love.

You will be surprised by how much easy is this recipe and I love it because I make it fast, I don’t need baking, freezing or leaving it overnight. I just mix it and voila I have a wonderful chocolate cream dessert.

Chocolate Cream Recipe

Before you decide to make this chocolate cream, make sure you have these ingredients in your home.

8 eggs (room temperature)

200gr powdered sugar

8 tablespoons granulated sugar (white)

200gr butter (room temperature)

200gr dark chocolate

10 tablespoons crushed biscuits

You will need only these ingredients for the chocolate cream but make sure to follow the instructions if you want to make it perfect.

On the other hand, you will need

2 big bowls

1 mixer

Bowl or pan to melt the chocolate


Here is the tricky part. You have to separate the egg whites in one bowl and the egg yolks in the other. But please make sure the whites are clean and don’t have any leftover yolk in them because if you leave the yolk the recipe won’t be successful. For me, this is the only part which is driving me crazy. The rest is very easy.

The first thing to do is to melt the chocolate. I melt it in a pan, 200gr chocolate, and 50mg water. I mix very well and the chocolate is melting very fast. You will only need a minute or two. I make this step first because the melted chocolate has to be cooled down before putting in the other mixture. You must not put it hot!

Now, while the chocolate is cooling down, separate the whites and yolks. In the bowl where you put the whites, put 8 tablespoons white granulated sugar. In the other bowl with the yolks, put the butter and the powdered sugar.

Fast and Easy No Bake Chocolate Cream Dessert

Mix the egg whites with the sugar. This may take a while. You have to mix until the mixture is hard, pure white and when you move the bowl the mixture is not moving. This is how I test it if it is ready. When you have the white mixture ready, take the other bowl and mix it well. This mixture doesn’t require long mixing. When you mix it well the yellow mixture, add the melted chocolate into it and mix again until it becomes chocolate color.

The next step is to take the white mixture and put it in the dark mixture. Mix it several seconds on lower speed or with a spoon. And you are almost done. The final step is to put 10 tablespoons crushed biscuits, mix with a spoon and serve.

Fast and Easy No Bake Chocolate Cream Dessert


I put this chocolate cream in small cups, decorate them and put them in the freeze. Never leave this chocolate cream too long at room temperature.

Also, if you want you can fill chocolate macaroons with this chocolate cream.

Fast and Easy No Bake Chocolate Cream Dessert

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  1. Omg these looks so good. I could actually make them too. With all the different toppings, options are endless.

    • I agree! I still haven’t tried more delicious dessert than this one! 😋😊

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