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Who doesn’t want themed parties? They are so fun to attend to, even more fun if you’re organizing them. Me and my sister organized this Bee Themed 1st Birthday Celebration for her son, because he is impressed by children TV Shows with bees. It was a small Bee party, so we weren’t stressed about preparing large quantities. My sister was cooking all the savory dishes, I was in charge of the sweets (except the cake – we hired a cake boutique to prepare it for us) and for designing the printables, and my mother contributed with few dishes herself.

For the savory menu we served:

  • Mini croissants filled with cheese
  • Mini pizza kifli (my mother’s recipe, made of yeast dough, formed like mini crescents, brushed with ketchup and sprinkled with oregano and sesame seeds…delicious)
  • Skewers with cheese, black olives and cherry tomatoes
  • Mini toasts with cream cheese and mixed vegetables
  • Deviled eggs decorated with black olives and cherry tomatoes
  • Charcuterie plate with prosciutto, blue cheese, yellow cheese, olives and vegetable mix
  • Choux pastry filled with two types of cream salads: Russian salad (made with potato, carrot, green peas, cheese, pickles and mayonnaise) and French salad (made with cucumber, walnuts, white cheese, deli meat and sour cream)

For the sweet menu we served:

  • Sugar Bee Cookies decorated with royal icing
  • Blueberry vanilla muffins, decorated with vanilla buttercream, Oreo cookies, and royal icing bee decorations
  • Cake pops made with chocolate cake sponge and strawberry jam, dipped in white chocolate and decorated with royal icing bee decorations
  • Walnut nutmeg cake decorated with vanilla buttercream and royal icing bee decorations

Most of the food was made one day ahead, like the cream salads, choux pastry, bee muffins, walnut nutmeg cake and cake pops. On the day of the celebration we made the deviled eggs, mini toasts with cream cheese and vegetables, charcuterie plates, skewers with cheese, black olives and cherry tomatoes, mini croissants and mini pizza kifli.

I was making the cookies for 3 days, easy and slowly, because I wanted to enjoy the process. The first day I baked them, the second day I iced them with royal icing (white, yellow and black) and on the third day (fun day) I was decorating them. I used edible pen for decorating, because it’s so much easier than using a piping bag. This way you can concentrate on the details and if you make a mistake you can easily fix it. But before you draw on the cookie with the pen, make sure the icing is totally dried, otherwise you will make a hole on the semidried iced cookie.

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I also made royal icing bee decorations for the other desserts. I made them on a parchment paper and I waited overnight for the icing to be fully dried. If you have leftovers, just put them in a glass jar and keep them in the freezer.

We really enjoyed this Bee Party, especially the children. Can’t wait for the next year to come so we can make another themed celebration. Please share any ideas about themed parties we can make for our children.

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Happy Bee Day!

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