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Last year I was pregnant with a baby girl, so I decided to throw a Baby Shower, in spite that in my country (Macedonia) is not very common for expectant mothers to make celebrations of this type. With the help of my sister, mother, and my cousin, I managed somehow to organize and be ready in time for everything that I planned to do. Everything you see on the pictures is homemade, except the macarons, because the attempt to make my own macarons was a disaster, and I didn’t have time and strength to make another batch. 

It was springtime so I decided to throw the party in my parent’s backyard. 

Most of the stuff was made with ruby chocolate because I wanted a natural pink color in the desserts. If you want some ideas on how to work with ruby chocolate you can check these links:

Ruby Chocolate Creations Vol.1

Ruby Chocolate Creations Vol.2

We made two tables: Sweet and Savory. In the next pictures I will explain everything that we made for my perfect Baby Shower 🙂 

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Baby shower party
baby shower table decor
It's a girl balloon, Baby shower party

We decorated the sweet table with lots of flowers. For every treat I printed declaration where it wrote the name of the treat or the ingredients.

Baby shower party, french macarons in a jar
Strawberries dipped in ruby chocolate, baby shower food ideas

I think that the ruby chocolate strawberries were the first treat that was gone on the table.

Colorful Outdoor Tabletop
chocolate truffles, baby shower food ideas

We made three types of chocolate truffles: black, white and ruby. They are very easy to make, just boil heavy cream and pour it over the chocolate and mix until the chocolate is melted. Leave the mixture in the fridge until is firm and shape balls with your hands. Roll them in shredded coconut or ground biscuits. The white and ruby truffles are rolled in coconut and the black truffles are rolled in biscuits.

chocolate truffles, baby shower food presentation
baby shower decorated sugar cookies

Decorated cookies are a must for every celebration I make. These are classic vanilla-flavored sugar cookies decorated with fondant and edible pens.

Here’s the recipe: Baby Shower DIY Cookies

homemade ruby chocolate, baby shower food

This ruby chocolate brick was made by my husband, and I must say it was a delicacy. He tempered ruby chocolate and made very interesting filling with ruby ganache, honey, butter and crushed coffee beans.

baby shower food ideas

My mother was responsible for the savory table. She baked crescent rolls and made 2 types of creamy salads.

I painted two mugs with porcelain pens with “It’s a girl” quote. I still use these two (the other one is on the seventh picture, where I kept the pink forks).

baked chicken fingers, baby shower food ideas

These chicken fingers were sooo tasty, and they weren’t even fried in oil. Before baking they were dipped in egg white, ground parmesan and ground cornflakes.

homemade beetroot hummus, baby shower food presentation

I love this beetroot pink hummus.

Baby shower table presentation, it's a girl
Baby shower party
Baby shower party

Pink, pink, pink….we even made pink popcorns. They’re made with melted ruby chocolate. Perfect snack.

Earlier I mentioned that I ruined a batch of pink macarons. Well, I didn’t throw anything, I just found another purpose for the ruined macaron mixture. I overbaked the macarons until they were firm in touch. When they were cooled completely, I put them in the food processor and blended until I get dust. I used that dust for decorating the truffles. I had leftovers and I used it for decorating this Ruby chocolate cheesecake.

Baby shower gifts

For drinks, we filled pitchers with water, fresh fruit, and fresh herbs. Perfect non-alcoholic drink for warm days. The glasses were dipped in red-colored sugar and tied with a pink ribbon for better presentation.

We also prepared presents for the guests. Everyone got their pink lipstick with a Thank You Note.

Baby shower drink ideas

We really had a great time. I wish all the expectant mothers to have a blast for their Baby Shower. I hope I gave you some ideas for the party preparations. If you want some more ideas about your Baby Shower feel free to ask in the comments.

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Baby shower for baby girl

Congratulations Mamas!

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