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This month we are preparing for a baby shower for my niece who will soon come to this world and become part of our family. I can not wait! For this purpose, I am always on Pinterest, and I search for themes for pink baby showers, parties, baby shower gift ideas and everything related to girls.

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The Best Baby Shower Gift Guide For The New Little Baby. Baby Shower Ideas, Newborn Present Gift Ideas, What to give to a baby?

She is the first girl of this generation in our family, and I am very excited. And while I’m waiting to cuddle that little baby girl, I’ve prepared a list of things that are an excellent gift for a baby shower.

I think the first gift for the baby is the most memorable gift. For my son, I have a baby book in which I have written the first gifts from our loved ones. Bearing this in mind, I am aware of the importance of giving.

What were the gifts for my sons that mattered to me most? More bind to the heart are the handmade gifts. But, hey, we are not all creative and able to make gifts ourselves, so this list below is my choice for excellent baby shower gifts ideas. My sister made a mug with my son’s name and decorated cookies that pleased me very much.

My son got a lot of beautiful clothes and toys, but what I use most is the hand blender. That is why there is a hand blender on this list. I still use it at least once a day, and I love it!

Of course, we all have different financial opportunities, so here you can find gifts of any type.

If the mother is very delicate and picky, choose a gift card.

Amazon Gift Card

Baby Teething Toys

Hand Blender

Monthly Milestone Blanket

Baby Letters

Baby Journal

Baby Manual

Baby Stories

Baby Nursery Rhymes

Baby Science Books



Baby Basket

White Noise Machine

Teddy Bear

Baby Diaper Organiser

Play mat

Newborn set – essentials

Electric Cradle

Matching Set

Heart Puzzle

I hope you like these ideas. If you have another baby shower gift ideas, please share them in the comments below. I would love to hear more interesting ideas for baby presents. XO

Stay Positive!

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