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Autumn Decoration Make your Home the perfect place

I love Autumn and autumn decoration. There is so much fruit and vegetables. It is a season when the table is full of colors and different tastes. Not everyone can afford to buy new stuff for the house. At least I can’t this season.

With my mum and cousin, we decided to decorate my mum house with things inspired from autumn. Autumn decoration was so fun for us. So I decided to share with you some pictures and tips on how to decorate your house with things you may already have at home.

Your home will look great for Thanksgiving too. In my country, we don’t celebrate Thanksgiving but we have many other holidays. These days is raining so I spend more and more time at home. I feel depressed in my house so I love to put colors and new stuff to make my house more beautiful and positive.


Yess! This is one of the reasons I love fall. I have so many at home and I always want a new one. It has to be cozy and soft! The best present for me is a cozy blanket. I will always use it. I know its main purpose is not decoration, but it will look great on your couch or bed. I am sure you already have at home some cozy blankets so put them on your couch and enjoy your afternoons.

Autumn Decoration Make your Home the perfect place


Another Yes! It is time for hot coffee (always time for coffee), hot chocolate and a cup of tea. I took some decorative cups and I am sure you already have some at home. If you want you can make some yourself. It is very easy with a permanent marker. You can find some tutorials online. I will try out some technique soon and post it here on my blog but for now, I can’t share one with you. Blanket and cup of tea! Isn’t it a perfect thing to relax?



Summer is over and the house is getting cooler. This is the perfect time to bake some cookies and cakes. At least I do that. It warms my house and also makes it smell wonderful. Cookies are perfect autumn decoration for your table. They are also a great way to decorate the table for Thanksgiving. You can say “Thank you” with some cookies and cakes – everyone will love it!

Autumn Decoration Make your Home the perfect place


Autumn is the season with most fruit on the table. Here are some ideas on how to decorate your house with fruit. I always keep a bowl with apples on my table. They look great and when I look at them I remind myself to eat at least one.

Autumn Decoration Make your Home the perfect place


Not only fruits but autumn brings us so many flowers. You all know how much I love flowers if you follow my Instagram profile. These days I am even obsessed with my Orchid. She is growing like crazy and I can’t wait for her to start flower. If you don’t have suitable vases at home you can always keep the flowers in a jar, or just your favorite cups.

Autumn Decoration Make your Home the perfect place

What about you? Do you have some special autumn decorations ideas?

Don’t forget to put your red lipstick on and Stay Positive!

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